What Evangelism is Not

What Evangelism is NOT But May Include

Last week we shared a list of reasons of why we should tell others about Christ. Before discussing what evangelism is in another post, we would like to share a list of what evangelism is not. Too many people confuse some wonderful things for evangelism when they are not. Many things may enhance evangelism or be included in it, but those things in themselves are not evangelism. Here is a list:
  1. Apologetics (defending the faith)
  2. Telling what God has done for you
  3. Social action
  4. Political action
  5. Letting your lifestyle speak for itself
  6. The results (you can’t save anyone)
  7. A program
  8. Inviting people to church/event
  9. Someone else’s duty/for paid staff
  10. Something to be done without preparation