Reminders and Tips for Personal Evangelism

Reminders for Evangelism

1.  We cannot save, only God can

2.  All will not be saved, but some will

3.  Our responsibility is to share the gospel not to convert people’s hearts

4.  We should be intentional but not to the point of anxiety. We must trust God in evangelism. The whole task of world evangelism does not fall on one person.

5.  Stick to the main point, and don't let folks sidetrack you. Jesus is the real issue. Who was He? Why did He come and die? Did He rise again?

6.  Don't be afraid to get to the point quickly. Friendship is important. But beating around the bush is not good for anyone

7.  Pray for opportunities. Look for natural opportunities (family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, folks out in public). Take those opportunities when they come. Do not wait!

Practical Tips for Personal Evangelism

1.  Relationships are important. Think of those you already know who are not believers. In what ways can you pray for them and minister to them?

2.  Based on the first one, who are folks already within your sphere of influence that you can build a relationship with of ministry and evangelism?

3.  Turn average conversations into gospel conversations. Steer conversations onto more meaningful paths.

4. Go out of your way, even out of your comfort zone, to reach people with the good news. Be a blessing to others!

5.  Think of ways to build bridges with folks. What are some things that we all have in common?

    A. There is something that is “just not right” in the world.

    B. None of us are who we want to be, much less what God demands.

    C. Most people have hope for life after death