Wesley C. McCarter, D.Min.
Husband and Father of the McCarter Household
Pastor of the Rural Hall Christian Church
Professor at the Charlotte Christian College & Theological Seminary


Wesley has been happily married to Bridget Harris McCarter since 2007 after dating all through school.  Bridget graduated from college with a degree in ophthalmic medical assisting and is a Certified Ophthalmic Technician.  She has worked for an M.D. specializing in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery in Hickory, NC; an optometrist's office in Collinsville, VA; an M.D. specializing in cataracts in Greensboro, NC; and she now works for Duke University (Duke Eye Center of Winston-Salem).  Wesley and Bridget grew up in church together in Lenoir, NC.  Both were baptized on the same day!  The McCarters have two daughters, Aubrie Carrolyn and Ellen Mae.  Wesley considers himself to be a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, grace-filled minister of the Gospel of Christ, and Bridget is a major part of Wesley's ministry.  She often accompanies him on pastoral visitations and rarely misses a ministry activity.  On Sundays, she helps with the Kids Ministry, helps lead the Ladies Ministry, and she does many other things behind the scenes.


Following his call into full-time, vocational ministry, Wesley graduated from college with the Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Biblical Studies and minoring in Christian Education.  He continued his formal studies and soon completed the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program.  His thesis for the master's degree was titled, "The Paraclete of the Upper Room: An Examination of John 14-16" and was written under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Stout.  Wesley accomplished his educational goal by completing the Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Exposition at Carolina Graduate School of Divinity in Greensboro.  His dissertation, the final doctoral project, was an expositional commentary titled, "He Loved Them to the End: A Commentary on John 13-17."  The advisor on the D.Min. project was noted New Testament scholar Dr. Douglas Moo.  In addition to being in the classroom with Doug Moo for three different doctoral courses, Wesley also had the privilege of taking courses in the program with other noted scholars such as Bill Mounce, Walt Kaiser, and Kent Hughes.  He is proud to say that he has also been mentored by his former college professor and best friend, David Woolard, a minister in Winston-Salem.


On September 1st, 2013 Wesley became the pastor of the Rural Hall Christian Church near Winston-Salem.  He was, for almost four years, the pastor of a Christian Church in Henry County, Virginia.  On New Year's Day of 2010, the McCarters left their hometown of Lenoir and moved to Henry County.  Before relocating, Wesley was the minister of a Christian Church in his hometown of Lenoir, NC where he delivered a sermon every week and led a midweek Bible study for two years.  Since 2004, Wesley has had the privilege of being the supply preacher in several churches in North Carolina and Virginia.  Up to this point, he has delivered approximately 1,500 sermons in at least 14 different churches.  He was ordained into the ministry by the elders of the Ardmore Christian Church in Winston-Salem and continues to maintain a close friendship with the Ardmore congregation.  Wesley has volunteered to teach Bible studies at a local, faith-based senior center and to share a monthly Bible devotional at a local, senior apartment community.  He previously served on the Board of Directors of The Living Well: Rural Hall Center for Lifelong Learning from June of 2014 until December of 2016 and as Chairman for most of that time.  To date, Wesley has worked on the faculty of three different seminaries in NC.  He currently serves on the Faculty at all levels for the Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary.

Society Memberships

Wesley currently holds membership in the following three professional associations:

The Evangelical Theological Society

The Evangelical Homiletics Society
Research Interests

Wesley has spent many hours studying the book of Romans, the Upper Room Discourse found in John, and the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew.  On Romans, he began by taking a class in college, and he has since taught a class at Fort Trial verse-by-verse through the entire book.  He has also taken a Romans class on the graduate level and later studied the letter on the doctoral level with today's premier Romans scholar Dr. Douglas Moo.  He has delivered sermons from the epistle on several occasions and is currently teaching the epistle at the Rural Hall Church.  Wesley has also delivered two sermon series from the Upper Room Discourse of John chapters 13-17.  Moreover, he has written a graduate thesis on the subject of the Holy Spirit from those chapters titled, "The Paraclete of the Upper Room: An Examination of John 14-16" and an expositional commentary on the same Farewell Address for his doctoral dissertation in the D.Min. program titled, "He Loved Them to the End: A Commentary on John 13-17."  The Sermon on the Mount became a love of Wesley's because of a class he took on the Gospels in college.  He has since taught the entire Sermon at Christ's Church, Fort Trial, and Rural Hall.

Hobbies and Other Interests

The McCarters enjoy the beach and other short trips.  Wesley takes the opportunity to go book shopping whenever possible, especially when he goes to a new town.  Books are both his hobby and the tools for his career.  Bridget enjoys any kind of shopping. . . .  Wesley also follows U.S. Soccer as well as other sports, and he trains the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu several days a week.  In his down-time, Wesley is known for binge watching shows on Netflix.

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On this page you can find recent sermon notes, Bible study outlines, answers to questions, and other study resources from the ministry of Wesley C. McCarter.  Another addition is the “Midweek Article” which is written by Wesley and published on Wednesdays.  From time to time there are “Guest Articles” which are published on Fridays.  This is done all for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  You can contact Wesley for more information or if you have suggestions for the website.

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