Wesley's NT Picks!

Here is the list of Wesley’s favorite New Testament commentaries for each book and a couple bonus Old Testament picks!

*Genesis: Victor Hamilton, New International, 1990.
        Also: Bruce Waltke, 2001.

*Exodus: Douglas Stuart, New American, 2006.

Matthew: D. A. Carson, Expositor's Bible, 2010.
Also: Craig Keener, 2009.

Mark: David Garland, NIV Application, 1996.

Luke: Darrell Bock, Baker Exegetical, 1994, 2 volumes.

John: D. A. Carson, Pillar, 1990.
Also: Craig Keener, 2003, 2 volumes.

Acts: F. F. Bruce, New International, 1988.
          Also: Craig Keener, 2015, 4 Volumes.

Romans: D. J. Moo, New International, 1996.
Also: John Stott, Bible Speaks Today, 1994.

1 Corinthians: Gordon Fee, New International, 1987.

2 Corinthians: David Garland, New American, 1999.

GalatiansD. J. Moo, Baker Exegetical, 2013.
Also: Martin Luther is insightful and a lot of fun.

Ephesians: F. F. Bruce, New International, 1984.

Philippians: Gordon Fee, New International, 1995.
Also: Moises Silva, Baker Exegetical, 2005.

Colossians & Philemon: Peter O'Brien, Word Biblical, 1982.

1 & 2 Thessalonians: Gordon Fee, New International, 2009.
          Also: Gary Shogren, Zondervan Exegetical, 2012.

Pastorals: William Mounce, Word Biblical, 2000.

Hebrews: Gareth Cockerill, New International, 2012.
         Forthcoming: D. J. Moo and D. A. Carson, respectively.

James: D. J. Moo, Pillar, 2000.

1 Peter: Thomas Schreiner, New American, 2003.

2 Peter & Jude: D. J. Moo, NIV Application, 1997.

1-3 John: Raymond Brown, Anchor Bible, 1982.

Revelation: Robert Mounce, New International, 1997.
Also: Leon Morris, Tyndale, 1987.

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