The Simple Christian Life

The Simple Christian Life

Our thinking about the church has been SIMPLE:
We want everyone to have opportunities to worship, fellowship, learn, and serve. To do this, we have maintained that Sunday is the Lord's Day. So, we have not expected you to be here several nights a week like most churches of the past generation. We just expect one day—the Lord's Day.

We also encourage everyone to be a Plus One Member.
Morning Worship + One Class + One Ministry
We want everyone to be here each Sunday for Morning Worship at 11:00 AM. Then, you have two options for classes- The BLEND at 10:00 AM or Evening Ministries at 6:00 PM. Lastly, we want you to serve in a regular, ongoing ministry capacity- kids ministry, nursery, communion preparation, grounds keeping, greeting, praise team, missions team, The BLEND set up/clean up, property maintenance, building projects, community outreach, sound room, music, office help, visitation, and many, many other opportunities. So, we would be happy to see you at all three Sunday times and Tuesday Bible group, and we would be glad to have you serving in multiple ministries, but we encourage everyone to be a Plus One Member at the very least.

The motivation for the SIMPLE scheme is to honor the Lord's Day, but also to free you from the burden of planning, stressing, feeling guilty, etc. about coming to the building several days a week. However, this SIMPLE model is not meant to make us lazy Christians the other six days a week. On the contrary, we should use this freedom to meet folks for lunch, visit a nursing home, invite people over for a meal, help others out on your off days, host a small group in your home, disciple and be discipled, reach out to others intentionally with the Gospel, and on and on and on.

Of course, we should also use the other six days to work, rest, spend time with our families, go to little league games, and volleyball, and soccer, exercise, read some books . . . you know. . . .

All in all, we want to be a church that Gathers and Scatters with purpose. We Gather for worship, fellowship, learning, and to serve our church. We Scatter to live, to work, to rest, to nurture and serve our families, and to reach our communities in Christ-centered, Gospel-grounded ways.

Let’s be SIMPLE.
Simply loyal. Simply faithful. Simply serving. Simply loving.