Advent - Joy

Scripture: Luke 1:39-56

I was considering our Advent theme for this week and was thinking that as much joy there is in the first coming of Jesus, the Bible must say something about it. I began looking and sure enough, I found joy in Luke chapter one. There is joy and rejoicing for Jesus before He is born, while He is still in Mary’s womb. The people who were involved were surely overwhelmed at times with the complicated circumstance, but they did have a great sense of joy.

The text we read today records a trip that Mary took to see her relative, Elizabeth. Mary’s song beginning in v46 is called the “Magnificat” which means magnify and comes from the Latin translation of the first line. Mary’s song is one of four that Luke gives in the first two chapters.

Joy of the baby John (the Immerser): v41 and 44
When Elizabeth heard Mary’s voice, John the unborn baby leaped in the womb. At that moment the Holy Spirit came upon Elizabeth and she interpreted the movement as an expression of joy. Before John’s birth there was something about Jesus’ presence that instigated joy. What is indicted by John’s leap for joy in Elizabeth’s womb? “The messianic era with all its long-awaited joy had now arrived.”

Joy of Mary: v47
She says that her soul magnifies the Lord, that is, it continues to magnify the Lord over and over. Yet, she says that her spirit has rejoiced in God her Savior. That rejoicing was at some point in the past. Maybe it was when the angel Gabriel came and declared to her the news that she would conceive and give birth to a Son by the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Immaculate Conception and birth of Jesus was a cause for great joy for those immediately involved and for those of us who have believed on Him. The coming of the Messiah fulfilled the promises and hopes of old. The Messianic era, though at this time it has not come in its fullest, brings great joy for all peoples. God our Savior has come. He has dealt with the sin problem by going to the cross to bear our penalty as our substitute.

He will appear again which will be the greatest joy we have ever experienced. Can you imagine how glorious and joyful that occasion will be? I want you all to experience that joy. I want all of you to stand together on that Day when Christ returns. It is my earnest desire that the Lord looks at each of you and says, “Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

The only way to enter into that joy is to accept Christ as your Savior and Lord. You must trust Him to save you and abide in His word to receive His joy. Listen to His Word that His joy may remain in you and your joy may be full.