A Poem by W. Cowper: Jesus Hasting to Suffer

by William Cowper, 1731-1800


  The Saviour, what a noble flame

Was kindled in his breast,

  When hasting to Jerusalem

He march’d before the rest!


  Good-will to men and zeal for God

His ev’ry thought engross;

  He longs to be baptized with blood,

He pants to reach the cross!


  With all his suff’rings full in view,

And woes to us unknown,

  Forth to the task his spirit flew;

’Twas love that urged him on.


  Lord, we return thee what we can!

Our hearts shall sound abroad,

  Salvation to the dying Man

And to the rising God!


  And while thy bleeding glories here

Engage our wond’ring eyes;

  We learn our lighter cross to bear,

And hasten to the skies.