Devotional Thoughts on the Second Commandment

Notice that God only spoke to them out of the midst of the fiery mountain. The people did not see God. The same is true of Moses when he said, “Show me your glory.”


Example: Golden calf (the people wanted to see).

This was a blatant disregard of the second command.


Your sins of commission (the things that you do) and your sins of omission (the things that you neglect to do that you should do) have an impact on the lives of others, especially your own children and grandchildren.


Alcoholism is often passed from one generation to the next. Overburdening oneself with debt is usually passed from one generation to the next. Poor marriages are passed from one generation to the next. 


And yet. . . .


*Generational sins can be prevented through covenant loyalty with God.


*The cycle of sin can be broken through repentance.