Dear Friend: Getting More Involved in the Church

Dear Friend,

Hey, buddy, I hope you are doing well. It has been nice seeing you in Sunday worship so much recently. The Lord is obviously at work in your life. I’m grateful for all of the progress you have made in your faith and for the support that you have shown me as well. I just wanted to write a simple but personal note today to encourage you to get even more involved in the church. 

I know you have a lot on you. You are a busy person. You work so much, and you have to take care of your family. There’s a lot that you are responsible for. Yet, joining the church and getting active in its life and ministries will balance out your life. There are so many reasons to get more involved. You will be less stressed and better prepared for what’s ahead. You will be able to fully follow the Lord Jesus. You know, we cannot even begin to fulfill most of the teachings in the New Testament without being involved in the local church. You will be more motivated to serve others, to pray, and to realize your full potential. This world has gotten crazier and crazier. I know you agree. So, now is not the time for less Bible and less church time. Now is the time to get even more involved in the church and to know the Bible that much better!

Getting more involved in the church will be good for your soul. Listen, it doesn’t matter who we are talking about—we all need to be taught, to be encouraged, to worship the Lord, to have a support team, and to be/do/have several other things that only the local church provides. The truth is, if we are both honest, you need us, and we need you. We’re in this together, but the only way that will have any meaning is if we are together more often—getting to know one another, serving together, worshipping together, sharing with one another.

I like to encourage everyone to be “Plus One Members.” To do so, you come to Morning Worship on Sundays + one class + one ministry. Now, I would certainly be happy to see you come to all three services on Sundays and to find multiple ways to serve the church and community, but let’s start slow. If you’re willing to take my advice on getting more involved in the church, then simply pick one class to attend (The BLEND @ 10 AM or Eve Ministries @ 6 PM), and find one ministry in the church in/through which you can serve (greeting, praying, grounds, sound, singing, meals, office, online, missions, youth, etc.).

If you would like to read about it more, check out Bible passages like these: Heb 10:24; Col 3:16; 1 Cor 12:12-22; and Acts 2:42.

Love in Christ,