Three Ways You Can Show Appreciation for Someone

Three Ways You Can Show Appreciation for Someone

We are entering into the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year all coming up. Do not let this time of year go by without meaningful conversations, acts of generosity, and special times with families and friends. Before we know it, we will be past this season again. This holiday season, consider showing appreciation to someone. Maybe your spouse has been working extra hard for the family, or a coworker has gone out of their way to lend a hand to you, or a friend has been there with you through a hard time. There are all kinds of reasons to be thankful and people we should thank. Lots of times we say, “Thank you” in passing or let them know we appreciate them in the heat of the moment, but going out of your way some time after or at a random time to show your appreciation can really mean something. Consider these three ways to show appreciation, or let them be ideas that get your mind thinking on the subject:

(1) Send a handwritten card to someone. In a world of technology and screens, there is something unique about getting a card in the mail and seeing someone’s handwriting. It is so rare that I almost feel today what I felt as a kid when I actually got something in the mail. In the midst of a sea of bills, getting a card is heartwarming and downright exciting. Also, don’t be one of those who buys a preprinted card and simply signs your name. Take a few minutes to write something deliberate and meaningful.

(2) Invite them over to your house for a meal. We ought to be living out life together as families and church families. Spend some time with people! Slow down one evening and cook a meal for a friend. Be a neighbor to someone. Do you remember what it’s like to host someone? What a wonderful thing it is to share a meal with people you care about and you appreciate. If inviting folks over and hosting is too difficult, considering taking that friend out for lunch. Take them to the Mexican restaurant, spend $5 on them, and enjoy a good conversation.

(3) Give them company out somewhere. Hey, there are plenty of people who would love for you to join them for their hobby. Maybe you could go to a walking park with a friend, or you could go shopping with someone who usually has to do it by their self. All you would have to do is say, “I know you like to do ‘whatever,’ could I join you next time?” How enjoyable would that be? And it is such a thoughtful gesture!

Don’t let too much time pass before you show appreciation to someone. This time of year is a great time to do it, and there is no better day than “Today.” Of course, these three suggestions work for not only showing appreciation but also just to brighten someone’s day or week. Consider doing one of these for someone you know as an act of kindness!