Created for Work

Created for Work
Did you know that you were created for work? I'm serious. As much as you may dislike a certain job or aspect of a job, you were created to work. Remember all the way back to the beginning of Genesis. When God created everything, including humanity, and all of creation was said to be perfect. God said, "It is very good." Part of what was very good was the fact that Adam and Eve were placed in that Garden paradise and expected to have dominion over it. They had tasks such as naming the animals and surely things like tending to the trees and vegetation as well as maintaining the rivers and streams. Work was a part of the original and wonderful creation. So, we can say that mankind was created to work hard and to be productive.

It is a good thing to be productive during the day, and it is a good thing to be tired when you go to bed, especially if you are doing this hard work for the glory of God. And, no; you do not have to be a vocational minister of a local church in order to work for the Lord. The Bible has a lot to say about the Christian's work ethic, and these things apply to all believers.

The Proverbs remind us of the practicality of work. We have to work to eat, and there is always a profit from hard work. A strong work ethic is also satisfying for the laborer, and there is great blessing in it. We are also exhorted in the Proverbs to "commit our work to the Lord."

In the New Testament there are important passages that give an even more solid theological underpinning for our work ethic. Whatever we do, we are to "do all to the glory of God." We are to "work heartily as to the Lord and not people." Hard work allows us to take care of our own needs as well as the needs of others because we are reminded that "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

So, when you punch in at work today, or you go out to tend to your garden, or you volunteer at a local ministry, remember to do everything as to the Lord and not to simply please people. Paychecks are important, but our motivation and heart is that much more important. Think of ways to use your job to glorify the Lord!