All for God's Glory

All for God’s Glory

As a student of the Bible, you have to love a “therefore.”  When you see that word it is your signal to pay careful attention to what follows.  A “therefore” is a summary of all that has been taught, an exhortation to live godly based on the context, an application for your Christian walk.  1 Corinthians 10:31 is a great reminder of what our lives are supposed to accomplish. It is a wonderful thing to have purpose in life.  So many folks all around us have no clue what this life is all about.  Many struggle to make it through each day because they cannot find a reason to push forward.  As Christians, we know what this life is all about.  We have reason.  We have purpose.  We have a relationship with almighty God.  Our will is to do His will each day.  We want God to be glorified in all that we do.  From the time we leave church on Sundays until the time we return, we want God to be glorified in our weekly routines—in the mundane moments and the special ones.  Whether we are eating, or drinking, or talking on the phone, or driving to work, or sitting in a class—whatever we do, we do it for God’s glory.

The wonderful thing about God’s glory is that He is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.  I learned this from a man named John Piper and have taken great comfort in it ever since.  You do not have to be miserable so that God can be made glorious, neither do you need to satisfy your sinful desires in order to be happy.  God wants us to find our happiness, purpose, and satisfaction in Him!  What a fulfilling life you can live when you do everything for the glory of God! Treasure Him.  Pursue Him.  Trust Him.