Conversation Starters for Evangelism

Conversation Starters for Evangelism

Recently, on Facebook, I have shared some thoughts about evangelism and linked folks to the articles on my website.  In this brief post, I would like to summarize the three suggestions I have made for an opportunity to begin a conversation with someone about the Gospel.

John Stott was a giant in the land of Christianity as he wrote books, Bible commentaries, and delivered powerful sermons in London and abroad for years.  His influence was great during his life and continues to this day.  In a small book titled The Preacher’s Portrait (a book about the New Testament’s view of the preacher and his task), Stott acknowledges in the preface that he was not writing the book to speak to the issues of preaching techniques, the craft of the sermon, or communication in general. He goes on to say, “I do not doubt that there are methods of preaching which need to be learned in our day, when the gulf between the church and the secular world is already so disastrously wide that few bridges are left by which the two remain in contact.”  The part I have used as a launching pad is what I have italicized in the quote.

Bridge #1: People Agree, There is Something Wrong in this World
The Bible calls this brokenness “sin.”  The Bible explains the problem, starting with Adam and going all the way through Old Testament history, and the Bible then gives the solution to the sin-problem, namely, Jesus Christ.  Christianity offers the one-of-a-kind Gospel of atonement through Christ.

Bridge #2: People Agree, They are Not Who They Want to Be
If we have not lived up to our own standards, then we certainly have not lived up to the standards of the holy and righteous God.  The Bible teaches that we need the Holy Spirit to dwell within us and change us from the inside-out in order to become all that we were meant to be. Only in Christ, can we really live up to our full potential.

Bridge #3: People Agree, They Hope there is Life After Death
Every religion promises some kind of afterlife, and even the irreligious have a deep sense of hope in something beyond this age.  Christianity is no different in that sense.  However, the Bible describes the new heaven and new earth in a unique way and offers a free (grace) way of getting there.  Ecclesiastes says that the Lord has put eternity into our hearts. We are created with a deep yearning for eternal life.  The Gospel guarantees eternal life to all who trust in Christ.

These are all “bridges” between the church and the secular world.  These are all offered as conversation starters.  I am confident that any and all of these “bridges” can begin a meaningful and, even, ongoing conversation about important things—eternal things.  Now, go talk with someone!