The McCarter Biblical Theology of Preaching

The McCarter Biblical Theology of Preaching

The Key Principles are as Follows:

1.  Modern preaching is primarily the Sunday morning sermon.

2.  The sermon should include both preaching (proclamation) and teaching (explanation).

3.  The primary objective of a sermon is to explain Scripture.

4.  The rule for preaching, although there may be exceptions, is that the preacher should attempt to exposit one passage at a time.

5.  Preferably, the pastor/teacher will work through a book of the Bible from beginning to end.

6.  A preacher should continuously demonstrate the Bible’s grand narrative, or what’s called the metanarrative.

7.  The preaching event should be held in utmost honor by both the preacher and the listeners.

8.  A sermon does not need to be flashy, rambunctious, or even clever.

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