Having Faith: You Do It Every Day

Having Faith: You Do It Every Day

Guest Article Written by Briana Rumley

Faith is at the center of every religion. For whatever you believe you must have faith that what you are believing is true. The interesting thing about faith, particularly amongst the unbelievers I have met, is they don’t realize they have faith every day!

I have often heard, from those who don’t believe, that God is a coping mechanism for mankind; He was made up because, as humans, we don’t want to believe that there is nothing bigger than ourselves. To that, I say, hooey. Then they like to counter with, “How can you believe in something you’ve never seen, heard, or felt?”  Well, to that I say, “How do you?” Every one of us has faith in something every day!

Think about it for a second, what do you have faith in every day? I expect most of us have faith we will wake up in the morning, although we are not promised a tomorrow. I suppose most of us have faith that when we do wake up we will be breathing and there will still be a healthy supply of oxygen to breathe. Oxygen, by the way, is invisible, you can neither see, hear, nor taste it, but you have faith it is there, because without it you could not breathe. After that I usually have faith that there is still food in the pantry and the sun will continue to shine. When you get into your car to go to work, you usually do not consider that you may have an accident while driving, you have faith that you will get to work safely because you usually do get to work safely. So, if your argument as to how others have faith is that you must be able to see, hear, or touch something for it to be real, your logic is seriously flawed.

So many things in the world are illusionary, but we still believe in them. We believe in oxygen as I said before. We believe in the sturdiness of bridges although there is no real way to know that a bridge will not collapse once you are upon it. We believe that the food we put in the fridge yesterday will still be there when we get hungry. Things do not just disappear with no explanation! It is also so with God. He is always with you! He doesn’t just disappear because we are not paying attention! He doesn’t say, “Oh, Briana is busy typing so I’ll just go check on Brooke, she’ll never notice I’m gone.” No, God doesn’t do that at all. He watches each of us very carefully. He knows we need to breathe and eat. That is why he keeps oxygen in the world, and he doesn’t steal the food from your fridge.

The Bible gives us some perspective into faith. We can find it in Hebrews 11:1. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Isn’t that wonderful? I couldn’t have said it better myself! Faith is made of hope, hope feeds faith. We hope that we will wake up in the morning. We hope we will arrive safely to our destinations when we travel. We hope that there is still food in the fridge. Hope becomes faith when you have experienced things the same way so often that you no longer consider that they might change. Perhaps, if you were afraid of monsters in your closet when you were little, you would go to sleep hoping they wouldn’t eat you. After enough nights of not being gobbled up by closet monsters, you began to have faith that there were no monsters in your closet, or at least faith they weren’t going to eat you. Hebrews 11:6 goes a little further, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hope must be practiced. Faith does not usually come with no practice, as it is very easy to say, “I’ll believe it when I see it” because we live in an uncertain world. When you open yourself up to God and allow him a presence in your life you will experience something special. And when you have those experiences, however small, you will continue to have faith that God is always by your side.

I’ll even give a personal example. When I was in high school, I dropped a ring my grandmother had given me at the front of the classroom. I didn’t notice it was gone until I got to my seat. I spotted it on the ground near where my teacher was standing and decided I would pick it up after class. After the lesson, the bell rang and I left for my next class. I left without picking up my ring. I didn’t realize until I got home that I had forgotten it. I was a nervous wreck. I’ve never prayed so fervently, so passionately as I prayed that that ring would still be on the floor of that classroom. I prayed all night. I cried all night. I was the first one at the door, even before my teacher, at the start of class the next day. I crawled around on the floor for about two minutes and I found my ring. It was a miracle to me. By all rights, it should have been gone. Somebody could have seen it and taken it for their own. The janitors could have swept it up and thrown it away. For whatever reason, God was with me and it was within his will that I should not lose that ring. I’m glad I didn’t lose it forever, it is the most cherished memento I have from my grandmother who I miss very much. I wear that ring sometimes, and I make very sure that I never drop it!

Now that might all seem very silly to you. To 16 year old me, it was truly an act of God. I had faith, that God would hear my prayer. I had no guarantee that he would grant my request, but I knew he heard me. And when I found that ring the next day, I knew he had heard my request and that it was within his plan for me to find my ring. I still thank God for giving that ring back to me.

I think you do see your faith at work mostly in the little things. Some people are content to think they just experience good luck or a huge coincidence. But when you have faith in God, you expect that he is watching out for you. When you have faith, you will notice the good and appreciate it more. Sometimes things will not go exactly your way, perhaps there was something you needed to learn from that experience. Life is not easy, the Bible does not promise anybody an easy, trial-free life. But, when it coincides with his plan, you must believe that God works for you to do the most good for you. Hope yields faith. Hope that God will be with you, and when you see Him working for you, you will have faith.