Hebrews 2:1-4 The More Earnest Heed

Hebrews 2:1-4            The More Earnest Heed                               WC McCarter
2012 in review: ups and downs, mostly ups; we now stand strong; we are alive and well.
            Giving, Activity, Team-work, Growth, Kids, Great Homecoming/Thanksgiving
I would not be doing my job if I did not allow the Word of God to warn us from time to time. We can become too settled and at ease in our faith if we do not listen to the whole of Scripture. The Scripture wants to direct our attention on Christ this morning. Because of the season, the question I want to ask is what will be your focus in the New Year?
READ Scripture- This is the Word of God
Lest We Drift Away (v1)
Chapter one established the superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ. This passage, then, is a brief exhortation for Christians to not drift away based on the argument that has already been made. The first verse of our passage intends to strike an image in our minds. We are to picture a ship heading to port. These Greek words were actually used in nautical situations. The seaman navigating the ship would have to pay close attention to his route or he would end up drifting off course and would miss his desired port.
The same is true of us. We desire to arrive at a certain port: heaven, in the presence of the Lord. Yet, we will miss that port if we drift away. Are you paying attention? Are you on route or are you drifting? We will be reminded next that being on the route is not about living a perfect life. That is our goal in the long-run, but that is not what saves us. You do not have to clean yourself up. God will do that for you. Being on route is about setting your focus on Christ and trusting Him until the end. He will usher you into His port. If your eyes are set on anything else you will drift away.
As one person has said, life is not a lake, it is a river. That river constantly flows to Hell. If you’re not focused on your route you will inevitably end up there and not Heaven.
Spoken through Angels (v2)
The Old Testament Law that was mediated by Moses was said to be declared by angels. In Acts chapter seven, Stephen states that Moses spoke with an Angel on the mountain when he received the Law. He goes on to say again that Israel received the Law at the direction of angels. That word was proven valid, the author of Hebrews says, and it was taken seriously because of the penalties that it prescribed.
Spoken by the Lord (vv3-4)
The author is now going to argue from the lesser to the greater. If we were to take the Law seriously, how much more importance should we give to the Gospel? In chapter one of Hebrews, we were told how much greater the Son is than the angels. The Law was first spoken through angels, and the Gospel of salvation was first spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ. How much greater is the Gospel word of our salvation? READ Heb 1:1-3.
The author has established that the Lord Jesus is greater than the angels; the Gospel is greater than the Law of Moses; and now we learn that the penalty for neglecting the word of the New Revelation is greater than rejecting the word of the Old Revelation. If those under the Law were strictly punished for rejecting it, then those who neglect so great a salvation will be no means escape the wrath to come.
Conclusion and Application
Look with me at Hebrews 12:1-2 – Setting our eyes on Jesus
#1 The Christian life is not in the first place laboring for the Lord.
            In the first place, it is trusting in Him. It is looking unto the Lord
#2 You safeguard against drifting by paying attention to traditional Christian teaching.
            Devote time to Bible study personally and in groups as well as scriptural sermons.
            The Bible is where you meet the Lord Jesus Christ, it is where you see Him.
#3 To get back on track, all you have to do is set your eyes on Christ once again.
            This is a call to repent of your sins.