Romans 6:15-23 Holiness

God is not said to be mercy, mercy, mercy.
He is not said to be wrath, wrath, wrath.

The Bible says that God is holy, holy, holy.

Not just holy, but “holy, holy, holy.”
[Isaiah 6:1-5] [Revelation 4:2-8]

Sin is not the damaging of man, but the dishonoring of God.

[Romans 6:15-23] There is a principle that is universal- Everyone is a slave.

Paul teaches that in grace there is a liberating power, but a work of obedience and constraint that comes from a renewed mind and ultimately by the indwelling counsel of God’s Spirit. His Spirit in us will not allow sin in our lives.

Truly what has happened is that the Romans were delivered (handed over) to Christian doctrine. Becoming a Christian means being placed under the authority of Christian teaching. The NT is God’s expression of His will for believers.

In light of the holiness of God, we must pursue righteousness which produces the fruit of holiness.

[1 Peter 1 :16] “Be holy, for I am holy.”